Key Features
More Free Working Surface and View
By suspending the camera into the ceiling, there will be less interruption between the presenter and the audiences. This also cleans up the working surface so a larger objector can be easily captured.
No Reflection and No Hot Spot
The light source is projected in 16-degree angles onto the working surface. It reduces any potential of getting reflection, shade or hot spot, which commonly associated, with other type of light sources.
Easy Positioning with Light Square Indication
CL500 projects a uniformed light source from the camera body onto th working surface to indicate the shooting area. Any objects can be easily pla in the working surface for captures.
Built-in Light Intensity Sensor
The CL500 is equipped with light intensity sensor, th projected light intensity output. In the event of light fai itself to work without the assistant of the light sourc light being replaced.
Easy Install and Maintenance
All connections are placed on the topside of the camera so it can be easily installed. The main cover can be removed without special tools in case of lamp replacement.
Split Screen for Side by Side Image Display
The CL500 can display two images side-by-side at the same time for comparison. These two images can be one from current live camera and the other from the built-in image memory. Built-in images can also be pan as desired.